Session Themes

Abstracts are welcome for oral and poster presentations on the following session themes:

Session themes:

Theme 1: Experimental design, setup & challenges, Statistical design, Replicates, Mixing, Manipulations, Scaling Extrapolations from experiment to nature, Metacommunity and metaecosystem ecology.

Theme 2:
Understanding food web interactions and ecosystem functioning, Examining food web dynamics: Nutrient pathways, Carbon flow, Trophic interactions, Food quality, Energy transport to higher trophic levels, Stoichiometry.

Theme 3:
Ecosystem response to perturbation, Understanding effects of high level perturbation at an ecosystem level: Warming, Acidification, Air-water interactions, Dust, Oil spills, Toxins, Eutrophication, Stressors in aquatic environments.

Weather Heraklion
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